Representative APR 1261%*
Amount of credit £200 borrowed for 28 days.
Interest: £40.20 Interest rate: 262% per annum (fixed).
Representative APR: 1261% Total amount payable: £240.20.
Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
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Borrow 12 month loans up to 1000 pounds for one year

12 month loans can now help you acquire much needed financial freedom.

Get an amount of £1000. Just complete our easy to fill online application form and if given an approval, lender will deposit the money directly into your bank account. Short Term Loans are now available across United Kingdom. Majority of our customers are residents of Liverpool, London and Kent and several other areas. However, it is important to note that payday loans are available only for emergency needs such as for repairing car, medical emergency, unexpected expenses and household needs, to name a few.

About Us

We are not a direct lender. We are associated with more than forty lenders in finance market of United Kingdom so as to help you find a short-term loan for any of your urgent needs. We have free quoting service which allows you compare 40 plus lenders quickly so that you can locate a lender offering lowest rate of interest and deposits money on the same day of applying. Terms and conditions and policies vary from one lender to the other. As strongly suggested by financial experts, you should carefully read clauses of terms and conditions prior to accepting loan by the lender.

Why To Choose Us?

We strive to make the entire borrowing process simple and fast. With an advanced way of borrowing money, you can gain much needed cash support without having to wait for a long time. It is our unique technology which allows you to make an online decision within a few minutes.

Hassle-free and quick application procedure

Cash loan is sanctioned for short tenure and can be repaid within twelve months.

Quick processing and approval

You can get an amount between £100 and £1000. It is only after receiving loan application that lender will tell you the amount you qualify for.

Fast cash transaction in your bank

As soon as your loan application is given a green signal by lender, amount will be transferred into your bank account within no time at all. Mostly, transactions will be received within a business day. However, remember that some banks might take around 48 hours to reflect the credit.

We have network of more than 40 lenders

You can now compare loan quotes of more than 40 lenders and choose one as per your needs.

Round the clock support

If you are going through financial crunch, can be your best solution. Easy to fill application form, fast processing and approval along with round the clock support makes it the best answer to fiscal woes.


We understand your security concerns. Hence, use the latest software and technology to ensure same.


Eligibility Criteria:

What we offer and what we do?

A payday loan refers to a short term or cash advance loan. It provides customers with much required monetary assistance for making ends meet until the arrival of next payday. Loan amount along with interest rate has to be repaid on the next salary day.

Withdrawing regular income of minimum amount of £500 per month
Minimum of 18 years of age
Centrelink or bad credit customers can also apply
Have a valid bank account
Permanent resident or citizen of UK
* All loans are subject to valuation of affordability and sustainability

* If approval is given, electronic transaction could be made within the same day of applying and getting and approval. Mostly, customers will receive transferred amount within same business day. However, some banks might take up to 48 hours to reflect the credit.

Apply online within few minutes

All you need to do is just fill the online application form available on this website and get an approval from the lender. You can borrow an amount up to 1000 pounds. Soon after getting an approval, you can receive the cash right into your bank account. These loans aim at helping you with financial problems and you have to repay leaned amount on your next salary day.

Network of more than 40 lenders

You can now search for more than 40 lenders on the basis of your criteria and requirements. We will try to match you with lenders within minutes.

Repayment terms

Convenient and reliable term of repayment – Amount to be repaid will be directly debited from applicant’s bank account on due date.

Credit Check

There is very possibility lenders might perform credit check on loan application they receive. Given we are not lenders; we make no decisions related to credit. Consumer queries and questions should be directed to lenders.

Important information – Collection Practices

As soon as you receive loan amount, and you think, that for any reason you will not be able to fulfil any arranged repayment, or that there will be any difficulty in making repayment of the leaned amount, then contact lender as soon as you realise this.

Getting in touch with the money lender brings to you the best available opportunity which would help you reschedule loan reimbursement options or discuss other options in detail for avoiding adverse action. Changing repayment of your leaned amount might incur further interest or charges and you can discuss these details directly with the lender. If you make no attempt to contact lender and update them on changes or inform lender about difficulties in repaying leaned amount, they have the right to pass details to the organizations which recover debt. Lenders have the right to make use of the Continuous Payment Authority to continue to attempt to loan repayment from your card maximum up to 90 days after due date. This, however, is done if it is in accordance with your agreement terms. Please check terms and conditions on signed loaned agreement for finding necessary details.

Implications of non-payment

The interference regarding non-payment of loan amount could have adverse implications which are included within credit report. This might adversely affect future attempts at securing finance or credit along with other charges being added by the lender. When you end-up missing making payment entirely, you might incur an additional fee charge that would be added to total amount that you have to repay. In case of missed payment, lenders will try to get in touch with you by letter or telephone for recovering funds. They might also be able to give you a new repayment date. Hence, if you think that making repayment of leaned amount within stipulated time is not possible then make sure that you contact the lender without further delay.

Important information – Collection Practices

- Do not ignore the situation. As a matter of fact, get in touch with lender without any delay

- Avoid; in fact, do not even think of borrowing money if you think that you have to struggle to make repayment of same.

It is important to know that if you are not able to make repayment of leaned amount between the arranged date as decided by lender and applicant, lender will report the case to the Credit Reference Agencies. And, this might affect your credit ratings adversely. Also, it will make it difficult for you to acquire credit in future for any of your needs such as mobile phone or car finance. Also you can be charged with a collection fee which varies from one lender to other. In addition, you might be charged with the interest on the balance. Pay your lender reasonable costs and expenses that might be incurred in taking steps for enforcing (for instance, county court judgments), or any attempt to enforce, the right of lenders against you under agreement.

Generally, you can get money within 24 hours of loan application approval. Some banks, weekends and bank holidays might impact transaction up to 48 hours.
Our associated lenders costs same for all states. An establishment fee is charged which is near about 20 percent of the amount borrowed along with 4 percent monthly fee.
Yes, you can apply for loan despite having bad credit ratings. Your credit history does not always play a role in decisions taken by our lenders.
The loan amount along with fees will be electronically deducted from bank account on the due date. There is nothing you have to do.
If you have any problem in making loan repayment; then speak directly to your lender.
Just fill up an online loan application form and submit it on website. While doing so, there is no obligation. You can see loan offer before accepting it.
Lenders on our network performs credit check however bad credit ratings will not always prevent you from gaining much needed money.

Apply right away!

You can contact us through our mailing address as well as support. is a loan matching service. This website submits the information of customers to direct lenders. After approval, a direct lender might need information from applicant which they will collect after we direct you to their website. they can also contact you via letter or phone call.

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This will depend on the lender you are placed with. Subject to application being approved by the lender. Upon acceptance of the loan offer and entry into an agreement with the lender, the lender will transfer the cash within 24 hours. Clearance of the funds is dependent on whether your bank accepts faster payments.

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*Warning:   Late   repayment  can  cause  you   serious  money  problems  . For  help,  go   to

1 Subject to approved by the lender. Not all lenders are able to provide up to £1000.